Student blogs

What?  Your own blog.  For whom? Yourself and the general reader.  Keep in mind that these blogs are public to the internet, which means you will have readers from Atlanta,  from across the Atlantic and from Asia–and points in between.

Purpose? Primarily for reflecting on passages, observations and ideas that arise from your work.  In addition, you will occasionally respond to the general writing prompts or other sources.

Shape?  Write freely but clearly, using complete sentences.  Be mindful of the course’s “basic expectations,” since your blog is open to the public.  Typically, I will base my feedback on the post’s clarity, specificity and development (the short writing rubric).

I ask everyone to use WordPress for this blog.  If you wonder why, please ask.  Thank you.

Links to everybody’s blog:



Anna  Greyson  Nicole C  Samantha  Kat  Aaliyah  Talia  Hoyt  Jack  Bella  Chelsea

Sam B  Kendall  Haven  Alexandria  John C  Nicole  Sydney  Brendan  Saaleha  Trevor  Sim  Emma R  Jay  Elizabeth S  Jack  Hailey  Ileana

David A  Kerlin  Caroline B  Josie  Kai  Emily Ann  Camiren  Will  Kendall E  Caroline F  Reese  Jackson  Brie  CJ  Emma S  Evan  Max  Martin


Keller, Sam, Lauren, Joseph, Callie, Johnny,Connor, Nicole, Ansley, Parker, Tony, Sydni, Lever, Daniel, Jeremey

Corbin, Jack, Sarah, Mary-Mac, Caroline, Preston, Annie, Cameron, Clay, Cole, Ross

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