raw materials

These materials include model writings composed by students or by me.  In some cases, they enable  exercises in the “list of possibilities” page.

As I organize these contents, I appreciate your patience.  Thank you.


CORE sample.calendar-in-verse poem.fall 2016

CORE sample.spring 2016

PDF model.May 2016.1

model student exam responses Dec 2016

model student exam responses. Dec 2015

student model exam responses. Dec 2013

student models for PDF & original poem

Model Main Ideas.Kind Macbeth.October 2013

Oedipus Wiser paragraph. Sept 2013. Student Models. annotated

student model paragraphs (Feb 2013) three senior writers show successful focus, development and transitions


The Samurai’s Garden Assessment Rubric

Regular Reflection Template for The Kite Runner (Feb 2018)

CORE Reflection Instructions

Table of Contents template for Poetry Fridays folder

a. class notes (google doc)

b. short writing table

c. general writing prompts, for story or essay (google doc)

d. “eleven-sentence” paragraph instructions 

e. content writing rubric

f. sample “11-sentence” paragraph (Mr. Brown / self-discovery)

g. sample “11-sentence” paragraph (Mr. Brown / “War” outline main ideas only)

h. a wise person (how do you tell, how does one gain wisdom)

i. exam wording (Dec 2012)

j. Dec exam with commentary (January 2013)

k. A Wiser Hamlet? (Feb 2013) as model for Wiser Amir paragraph

m.  Caesar’s Last Speech (May 2013)

n. student poems from Renga Festival (Jan 2014)

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