List of possibilities

This is a working list of possible exercises both large and small, creative and analytical.  As the course advances, we can draw from and add to this list, which makes it a “working list.”

The current order of these possibilities means nothing; the numbers merely allow easy reference.  The categories–for now just POETRY and PROSE–indicate the form of your writing, rather than the subject of the exercise.



1.  Write an original story or essay, from one of the general writing prompts.

2. For each of the short stories you have read in this year’s course, write a synopsis in three to five sentences.  Be sure to include the story’s central conflict.

2 thoughts on “List of possibilities”

  1. Daniel Vukotic said:

    Jing’s is probably the coolest thing ive ever seen, and the writing prompts are out of this world!


    • Thank you. I am glad you like both of these items. Jing is a thing (sorry; couldn’t help it) we may be able to use as you proofread, or comment on, your own writing. For example, imagine yourself commenting on issues in your essay, as viewers travel with you through your sentences that need repair. Thank you for inspiration provided by your feedback.


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