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Exam Preamble. May 2018

Acknowledgments: Philosophy and Policy

You need to recognize your own interpretations. Knee deep in the digital revolution, you need guided experience of meaningful struggle because the media-saturated culture is relentlessly telling you what to think.

Struggle is natural.  Everyone has his or her own struggles.  Don’t run away from your intellectual struggles by borrowing someone else’s solution.  Stay with the problem. Work through it. I want to know your ideas, your own way of seeing things.  


Plus, it is unfair and dishonest to present someone else’s ideas as your own, when you have found them in a source other than your own mind, our class discussions or the literature we have been studying.  

I know the creative ways you respond to various questions.  I know this because I have read your earlier writings. Creative, confident and honest students make a difference in this world.  When you clearly express your individual, independent perspectives, the world grows smarter and stronger.


I confirm that I have read and understand the above paragraph.

Also, I understand that if I should access any online source(s), which Mr. Brown discourages, I am responsible for acknowledging the source(s) in the acknowledgment-footer of my exam.  Failure to do so will result in an exam failure and further disciplinary action.

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