learning goal: what is one notable observation about my focal character, from my reading today? what thoughts and/or feelings do I have in response to this observation?

Honors Day schedule: B 9:35-10:35; D 11:55-12:55  Thu May 10: H 1:50-3:00

Time to read

By end of class, in one quadrant of your SG bookmark, show some notes about your focal character (each of the interior quadrants represents one of the seasons that begin with “Winter” and end with the second “Autumn” chapter).

as just one example of note-taking, here are my notes from the first “Autumn” chapter:

fear and attraction 7 unknown

disrupting calm 14 16 27 etc.

being alone, feeling alone 30

like a samurai 30

richness and mystery 31

life not just from within 43

a big storm 51 mother’s letter

Sachin comes down from mtn 54 (forty years)

courage 57