learning goal: what are one or two other ways I can use the booklet note-quadrants, besides the way(s) I have been using them so far?

In a small group of no more than four people, describe and explain notes you have entered in the first quadrant of the Kite Runner booklet.  Listen to each other well enough to appreciate the variety of approaches people are taking to this process–this process of recording ideas or details that each of you wants to remember as the reading proceeds.

Once your group has done this, separate the desks and individually email Mr. Brown (bill.brown@hies.org).  In the body of your email, explain how the group conversation has (1) expanded your vision of what’s possible with these note-quadrants and (2) deepened your understanding of some aspect of the novel.  For example, maybe you now see a way to sharpen or adjust your note-taking in this booklet, and you now see something about a character or theme that had not occurred to you before this group conversation.

Compose your email response as a single, focused paragraph–with the subject line of “KR conversation.”

With any remaining time, continue reading in the novel.  Remember that the first week of reading ends on Sunday.  In other words, on our reading schedule, the phrase “the week of” means the calendar week of Monday through Sunday. If you have already reached this week’s goal (page 100), get a start on next week’s, since it covers more pages.