Some people who scored a 90 or above for the recent Macbeth essays have asked about revisions. Initially, I told several of these people that the assignment was ineligible, as has been true for all such assignments this year.

In this particular case, however, for several reasons, I have developed an option—one that requires a different degree of application and preparation. Specifically, anyone interested in revising a final Macbeth essay that scored 90 or above needs to make an appointment for before or after school. During this appointed time (10-15 minutes in most cases), we will review the essay on the smartboard together, to make sure you understand the rubric markings and the specific steps for strengthening the essay.

If interested, email me with proposed time(s) for such a review session.  To the scheduled conference, bring a paper copy of the rubric–marked on front and back as you would for the regular revision protocol.  All revisions, including this exceptional type, are due by Mon May 15.