The long-range goal is to finish reading the play Macbeth by Monday, April 10.  In class today, read towards that goal–with or without the help of Shakespeare in Bits.  Continue using the note template you have been using for each act.  At the start of next week, I will ask to see the complete set of these notes–for the entire play.  The expectation is that you are creating the content of these notes on your own. If you have worked with anyone for any part of these notes, clearly acknowledge that help, specifying which part(s) benefitted form that assistance.

During the next class this week, you will be updating your conscience meters for each act.  Though you will have class time to do this, feel free to think ahead.  Remember that the four rows for each act of the conscience meter encourage you to measure the characters’ consciences near the beginning and end of each act (top and bottom rows). The two rows in between give people, who want to use them, space for mapping significant changes in conscience during the middle of an act.