As you read Act 2, use the right-hand rectangles of your notes sheet to recognize and remember one or two particularly significant aspects of each scene.  I recommend pausing to do this after finishing each scene.  An alternate approach would be to read the whole act, then return to do this, but I imagine the scene-by-scene approach would work better.  Realize that you can use these boxes for a variety of a scene’s significance–for example, its plot, character development, or presence of a theme or tone.

Although you also have the conscience-meter sheet, use this only as you want before the Mon-Tue class.  For example, you could replicate the side one/Act One template onto the back of this sheet for Act Two.  Eventually, you will have a chance to do this and begin measuring the consciences of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth for each act of the play, so that you have a sense of what happens to the mind and heart of each character.