Before the M/T class starts, submit a complete draft of your Hosseini letter to TURNITIN.

Submit this draft on the prescribed template (with pledge-header and acknowledgment-footer).  If you choose to send your letter to Mr. Hosseini, it will not include the template, but this draft MUST use the template.

Take extra care to acknowledge any outside sources of ideas or details.  For example, if your draft contains ideas, details, or phrases from online summaries or analyses, you need to acknowledge those sources.  Failure to do so is an integrity violation.  Be very careful.  In informal settings, I have heard people use phrases I have later traced to specific online sources.  Rather than change or hide such phrases,  be courageous (like Amir became) by naming the online source(s) in your acknowledgment-footer.  “There is a way to be good again.”