In the short story assessment, people were asked to define a masterpiece and identify which of the four stories we have studied comes closest to matching this definition.

Here are the results (letters represent course sections/numbers represent choices).

Gordimer’s “The Ultimate Safari”: A/5, E/3, H/6

Camus’s “The Guest”: A/1, E/0, H/7

Akutagawa’s “In a Grove”: A/5, E/5, H/0

Garcia-Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”: A/4, E/3, H/0

OR put another way

A block: Gordimer 5, Camus 1, Akutagawa 5, Marquez 4

E block: Gordimer 3, Camus 0, Akutagawa 5, Marquez 3

H block: Gordimer 6, Camus 7, Akutagawa 0, Marquez 0