Typically, a membean week runs monday thru sunday.

As recommended the membean staff, separate a series of brief learning sessions over the course of the week.  Let the learning sink in over time, rather than trying to cram at the last minute.  The point if using membean is to build a more robust vocabulary, in order to make you a more forceful and flexible writer.  Find a weekly rhythm and stay with it.  Discipline.

The corresponding weekly grading scheme looks like this:

  • 90% for at least 45 minutes with at least 3 learning sessions on different days, and each session lasting at least 10 minutes (15 minutes works better)
  • 100% for 60 minutes or more, with the same expectations as above
  • 0% for totals below 45 minutes
  • students with significant “dubious minutes” receive 0% for the week (I define when the number of dubious minutes becomes significant)
    • conference required of those receiving 0% for dubious minutes
    • zeroes continue for each week, until conference has occurred
  • grade entered as “class preparation”