By the start of this class, submit to TURNITIN a paragraph response to the statement you completed in the previous class, after our walk-and-talk around the track and the subsequent whole-class discussion.

Use the 11-part-paragraph model from the downloads section of our class page (on the school portal), making your completed statement the topic sentence of this paragraph.  You may include quotations, but can write a successful paragraph  with specific references to the story that are not direct quotations.  If you need a copy of the story, our course blog has a page called “World Fiction,” and the first item on that page is a digital copy of Camus’s “The Guest.”

Be ready at the start of class to hand in the notes you wrote during the previous class. Since I will use the short writing rubric to assess this paragraph, I recommend you review the criteria from that rubric, before and after composing the paragraph.

Unless you acknowledge in writing that you have received help from another person or source, besides your discussion partner(s) and the whole-class discussion after our walk, readers can assume that the ideas and details are entirely your own work.