Before next class, read Act 4 Scene 3 and continue the outline that I demonstrated and you copied in Tuesday’s class (see attachments below).

Continue the basic pattern of alternating entries for Malcolm and Macduff, providing titles and line excerpts as you see fit.  The titles may change sightly for you, as you complete the outline to the end of Scene 3. You decide how many entries to add to the outline I provided.  Basically, this exercise (my start and your completion) tracks the evolving exchange of ideas between Malcolm and Macduff during a desperate time for their home country.  Up through lines 87-8 (my last entry), the ideas move back and forth between large (Scottish) and small (personal) concerns.  In other words, the broad climate of destruction under Macbeth’s tyranny causes people to fear and distrust one another.  Your homework is to map the last fifty lines of this scene–to see how the dialogue ends up for Macduff and Malcolm.

Macbeth 4.3


Macbeth / Global and Personal



. . . as if it [heaven] felt with Scotland (4.3.7) Macduff



you have loved him well (4.3.13) Malcolm



Bleed, bleed, poor country (4.3.32)



. . . all the particulars of vice (4.3.51)



yet do not fear, / Scotland hath foisons . . . (4.3.87-8)