F / 10:30

H / 1:50

learning goal(s): Where-and-when people move on stage reflects and reveals character.  So does the stress a character places on particular words.  In short, blocking and stress matter.

shoe box sharing: How did your group block the scene–i.e., decide which characters move where and when (1.2)?  Explain the basic choices your group made.

WATCH film version of 1.1 & 1.2 (R. Polanski, 0:00-7:54); discuss different staging choices

watch SIB 1.3-1.4

“Stressing Stress”  with the line below (Shakespeare Set Free (SSF) 213)

He was a gentleman on whom I built an absolute trust.”

with time remaining, work on one of two assignments: 1) Rosa Parks CORE response–due to TURNITIN by midnight Thursday, March 24, or 2)  read to end of Act One, using SIB if you want–due date next class (Tuesday, March 29).