The “Rosa Parks” poem, originally due Thu Feb 18, is postponed.  Keep your current work and watch for new due date.

To this class please bring at least half of your draft essay on the question: With which character does the play Antigone ultimately side–Antigone or Kreon?  You do not need to print your work for this class.  Just bring the draft on your laptop. Be sure to compose your draft on the prescribed template with pledge-header and acknowledgment-footer.

Here is the general organization to use:

intro paragraph: that answers the question and outlines the reasons

section* 1: best case for A or K

section 2: best case for other character

section 3: effect of the elders’ speeches

concluding paragraph

This description uses the term “section” because some writers may want more than one paragraph to meet that section’s goals.  

Note that this organization forces you to argue the best case for each character, regardless of which one you have chosen.  You select the strongest strategy for convincing readers of your answer.  For example, if you are arguing the play ultimately takes sides with Antigone, you may want to use section 1 for Kreon, thereby leading up to your stronger case. The elders speak throughout the play.  You are not limited to their ode in lines 364-413.