F / 8:30

H / 11:45

learning goal: what insights do you find in an opposing argument–about the ultimate leanings in Sophocles’ play, Antigone?

written response: insight / response activity (see below*)

reading: mark the Karen Armstrong handout with marginal questions

discussion:how much does a speech from the elders move your thinking?

*I/R activity

step 1: read partner’s paragraph

step 2: on back write brief notes outlining three insights you gain from the paragraph; in these notes, briefly record each insight and whether or not it changes your current thinking 

step 3: on a separate document, using complete sentences, create an I/R sheet that explains each insight and whether or not that idea moves/sways/changes your current thinking.  If the insight confirms your thinking, explain how it does this. Make each explanation clear, specific and developed.

step 4: hand in a printed copy of your I/R sheet and the partner’s paragraph you read

step 5: pick up the Karen Armstrong handout and begin reading it, knowing that some parts you will not understand, since the selection comes from the middle of a chapter in a long book.