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learning goal: How do I proceed with my original short story draft, if I plan to continue participating in the Malaysia Project?

short story protocol*

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House: brief background and group reading of Act 1 (we read through page 13; play available for download on the “World Poets, Poems and Plays” page of this course blog)



*If you plan to continue participating in the Malaysia Story Project, submit  a paragraph to TURNITIN by Friday Nov 20 at noon (“Malaysia Project phase  2”).  In this paragraph describe the current strengths and weaknesses of your story draft, and your plans for the next stage of revision.   Leave open the possibility of making substantial edits.  Over the Thanksgiving break, work on the story by implementing your revision plans, if you have decided to proceed.  The paragraph of intent and the holiday revising signal that you want to be considered for one of the fifteen American spots in the international anthology.  Submit your revised story to TURNITIN no later than 4pm Monday, November 30 (“Malaysia Revision Nov 30”).