Submit your Borges in-class writing to TRNTN before Thursday, September 24 becomes Friday the 25th (Atlanta time).

Be sure to remember the following expectation, which also appears in the special instructions section of the TRNTN box for this assignment.

You are expected to complete this writing entirely on your own, without reference to other people or written sources outside your copy of the story.  You may consult your discussion notes or your previous writings.  The acknowledgment footer exists, in the unadvisable case where you receive help from another person or source.


Finally, note this brief example and explanation of the difference between a story’s subject and its theme:

In Nadine Gordimer’s short story, “The Ultimate Safari,” the innocence of the young narrator reflects the idea that some groups of people, like the white tourists, do not understand the struggles of an African refugee family.

n.b. The story’s subject is expressed as a word or short phrase—in this case, the refugee family’s struggle.   The theme is expressed as a sentence because it makes a statement about the subject.