H / 10:30

F / 1:50

learning goal: what do we know about the narrator in Borges’s story, “Streetcorner Man”?

close study of the story’s details

2 RJ grps & 2 N grps: mark details that support your answer (each grp has one Question-Marker person, whose sole job is to record questions asked during the grape’s discussion; everyone else be sure to take notes, which each individual will submit to TRNTN at end of class)

one RJ grp explains answers and details to a N grp who responds with their detailed answer; then the combined group-of eight discusses what light this exchange sheds on the day’s question:  what do we know about the narrator?  how do we know it?

if time allows, whole class discusses the day’s question

heads-up: next week you will be working with your own story draft (what do we know about the narrator of your story?  how do we know?  how do your narrator’s qualities underpin/reinforce/complement the central conflict of your story?