H3 (11:05-12:00)

F3 (1:50-3:00)

learning goals: understand purpose and design of course writing template; enroll in this class on TURNITIN.com; what is something found in short fiction that is not typically found in a news article?

construct template

enroll in TURNITIN

F block: class ID: 10343777   password:  1516ENG10HF

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compose 11-part paragraph response to this question: What is found there–in Gordimer’s story–that is not found in a current news article about refugees from Syria?


today’s resources:

link to 11-sentence paragraph instructions (note that we are enlarging our sense of this structure, by now calling it an 11-part paragraph)

excerpt from William Carlos Williams’s poem: “. . . It is difficult to get the news from poems, but men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.”  For the purpose of today’s paragraph, we are substituting the term “short stories” for Williams’s term “poems.”

HW: read Camus’s “The Guest” (text of story available on “World Fiction” page of this course blog)