Exam Format and Content

The May exam has three parts: poetry (25%), A Doll’s House (25%) and The Kite Runner / The Samurai’s Garden (50%).  To the exam, bring your laptop and Poetry Friday folder–no other materials.  I will bring your Samurai’s Garden journal to the exam. Bring a book to read, in case you finish the test early.

The first section asks questions about our study of poetry since August.  Be sure to bring your Poetry Friday folder to the exam, since you need it for reference. (reflective, short-answer questions)

The next section addresses the relationship between a piece of writing you have not seen and one or more of the main characters in Ibsen’s play. (paragraph response)

In the final part, you compose a comparative essay about the two novels.  You will have several questions from which to choose one. (multi-paragraph essay)

Recommended Strategies

1. Anticipate questions.

2. Write copious notes and sample outlines for the question(s) you imagine.