learning goal: how does an outside reader’s assessment of my essay draft compare to my own?

return completed rubric to the essay’s author

authors, respond to partner’s assessment by (a) making your own marks for each of the five criteria and (b) writing one to three sentences of response to the overall assessment–for example, by agreeing or disagreeing with marks, comments or other laments of feedback

authors, on your copy of the draft, acknowledge your reading partner and (briefly) the specific nature of the help provided

With remaining time, we will continue the film from the scene where Amir visits Soraya at there home, after the General has accepted Amir’s proposal to marry his daughter (1:08:00)
Period D 830 AM-915 AM
Period A 920 AM-1005 AM
Advisory 1005 AM-1020 AM
Period G 1020 AM-1105 AM
Period E 1110 AM-1155 AM
Period B 1200 PM-1245 PM
Lunch 1245 PM-130 PM
Period F 130 PM-215 PM
Period C 220 PM-305 PM