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learning goal: what are several basic principles of punctuating dialogue that I can infer from a published short story?

On the distributed copy of Camus’s short story,  “The Guest” (272-3), mark different locations that illustrate basic principles punctuating dialogue.

Give to a partner the most recent draft of your story, along with a copy of your up-to-date QMark Tally Sheet.  Ask this partner to write marginal comments about (a) punctuating dialogue (b) your Qmark issues and (c) any other concerns or compliments s/he wants to offer.

Spend the remainder of class revising your own story draft, based on the basic principles of dialogue, partner feedback and your own observations.

Before the start of this week’s block class*, submit your revised story to TURNITIN.  Look for the box called “Short Story further revisions.”

*except for E block, whose stories will be due midway through the block class, since those students meet a day earlier than the other two sections