Last week, three pieces of writing were due to TURNITIN–at the end of Monday’s class, by 8am Tuesday and by 8am Wednesday.  These were respectively: the initial writing based on William Carlos Williams’ statement about news and poems, a revision of this writing and a third draft of the response.

For a variety of reasons, some individuals missed one or more of these deadlines.  A zero in the grade book for any of these submissions represents that writing’s not meeting the deadline.  If you have not already emailed me an explanation for any of your missed deadlines, and you think you need to communicate such explanation, please do so–with “WWSN follow-up” as the email’s subject.

For your information, given the quick sequence of these three writings, I have decided to exclude the grade for the revision (due Tues 8am) from the course cumulative average.  The score for the initial writing (due in Monday’s class) fits in the “class preparation” category, whereas the 3rd draft qualifies as a “minor grade.”  This third draft, remember, was assessed just on the clarity of its sentences.

If you have further questions or concerns, email me.  In the meantime, I will be adjusting recorded grades, as I review existing emails and late submissions.

Finally, be aware that each semester the grade book will automatically drop one “class preparation” grade from the cumulative average.