learning goal: to explain a meaningful lesson from one of the three short stories we have read

It is difficult
to get the news from poems
		yet men die miserably every day
				for lack
of what is found there.

Although these few lines (from Wiliam Carlos Williams) refer specifically to poems, pretend Mr. Williams makes the same claim for short stories.

Which of the three stories we have read so far most closely matches the idea in this claim?   In other words, which story offers an insight or lesson that would reduce the misery we see in the news?

ENTIRELY ON YOUR OWN, using the “11-sentence” paragraph model*, explain your answer to this question and support that answer with quotations from the text of your chosen story. (Remember that links to these stories reside on our blog’s “World Fiction” page.)

Submit your paragraph to TURNITIN by the end of today’s class–on the prescribed template (with the default header and footer). If you consider this draft incomplete, write “Incomplete” at the bottom of your submission.

A revised version of the paragraph is due to TURNITIN by 8am Tuesday morning.

*Final Note: “11-sentence” paragraph model (click on the link; also available on this blog’s “Raw Materials” page)

I have put “11-sentence” in quotes to show that that paragraph can have more than eleven sentences.  The model contains sections, some of which may need more than a single sentence.  Feel free to use more than just eleven sentences in your paragraph.