learning goal: refine my understanding of the character I am creating by imagining that person composing a poem in his/her voice

after a public reading, briefly discuss the poem “Home*,” (one of the UNHCR poems introduced last Poetry Friday)

with any remaining time, begin composing lines in the voice of your new story’s main character–ideally lines about this person’s description of or feelings about home


I come from a house of crumbling stone walls

where the ceiling stretches up to the stars in the sky

No windows or doors to speak of

No marble pillars of support

No safety or warmth

Only a place to stay

When I was young I used to long

For a house with four walls and a roof

Glass windows that let in the sunshine

but kept out the wind

wooden doors and marble pillars

and a heater to keep us warm.

But time has passed and I have grown

I no longer seek that futile dream

For though the battles still rage endlessly outside

I am safe

Walls built from bricks of courage

A ceiling laced together with hope

No windows or doors – only my eyes and ears

No marble pillars of support-only mama and papa

No need for heaters, for our love is enough

This is not a just place

It is my home.

Milly Wang

Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Grade 11

Age 17

3rd Prize – 2011