Create file, or section of a handwritten notebook, called “Class Notes”

Review Homework: Lessons Learned from Camus’s story (in your notes, record classmates’ ideas)

Questions of Interpretation, from our photocopy (individual notes, share w/partner, share with class–i.e., think, pair, share)

“Explain the relationship between Daru’s surroundings and his personality.  What is most important to Daru?  Why does he feel exiled from the rest of the world?” (279, #1)

“Why does the Arab’s crime revolt Daru?  Why then does he treat the Arab as his guest?” (279, #4)

HMWRK: In your class notes, copy at least three brief passages that support your answer to this question: Would Daru “have acted differently if he had foreseen the note on his blackboard”? (adapted from 280, #2)


Questions of Interpretation based on students’ first-impressions writing in TURNITIN.