Reminder of underlying principles, which can help you invent your own review exercises that a) refresh your memory about details from this year’s readings and b) anticipate exam questions.


To honor colleagues who have coordinated monthly conversations as part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC), I want to share “Exam Principles” that I recently explained to my students. Tomorrow’s PLC conversation topic is the value of final exams.

Principle #1

Patterns, comparisons, synthesis => new realizations, recognitions, insights

Principle #2

Express realizations, etc, => state clearly, develop convincingly

Principle #3

Handle new problem / challenge / complexity => reasonable, confident solution

A summary of my explanation to students

Since we have read plays and novels more or less in isolation, the exam is a chance to consider titles together.  The exam, therefore, invites you to discern patterns, make comparisons and synthesize ideas.  Through these processes, you create new realizations, recognitions and insights.  The exam is a time to forge new observations and interpretations, rather than repeat old ones you and I already know about.

Equally important, the exam questions your ability…

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