magic staffToday’s goal: start composing essay on The Tempest

essay deadline: by Friday, Apr 25, submit to TURNITIN

caution: submit on template with pledge-header & acknowledgment-footer

conditions: those who want Friday class to seek feedback from classmate may do so; others may start our next-and-last book–a novel called The Samurai’s Garden


Review my feedback on your sentence-outline.  Ask questions, if you have trouble understanding any part of that feedback.

Before starting to compose, make sure that your outline contains a clear main idea and a sentence for each body paragraph that expresses the idea that paragraph will develop.  See my sample outline for examples of such sentences.

As you compose, if you need help with weaving quotes into your essay, check my sample paragraph about Prospero’s magic.

When done composing, proofread by yourself, or seek feedback from a classmate.  If you receive help from a partner, be sure to name that person in your acknowledgment-footer, along with the description of that person’s specific help.

Given the challenging nature of Shakespeare’s language, some people feel the need to consult secondary sources, like Sparknotes or Shmoop.  If ideas or details in your essay owe their appearance to such a secondary source, use the acknowledgment-footer to name the source and the specific help it provided.


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