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membean quiz  at start of class

Starting from Act Three Scene Three (3.3), in your teams, on the printed director’s notes from HI production, record line numbers that show your character contributed to a repaired ship of state.

By the end of class, teams hand Mr. Brown a printed list of citations with brief explanations of how each set of lines indicates promotion (or, if necessary, obstruction) of a repaired ship of state.  Please put team members’ names on this sheet.  Thank you.

Yesterday, you signed up for one of these teams: Ariel, Prospero, Caliban, Miranda, Antonio, Gonzalo (limit 3 per team).  In your teams, start marking lines that show, or suggest, that your team’s character promotes repaired ship of state.  If you find none, mark lines where your character obstructs movement towards a repaired ship.  In this case, a “repaired ship of state” means one that has changed/transformed from one of strife and grief to one of forgiveness.  Notice that the physical ship in the play, which the Boatswain has announced as repaired, is a fine example of a symbol.