Request Feedback” from Blogging Buddy

Revise accordingly

Publish post, with distinctively effective title and carefully cited symbolic image (p.s. aim for image that originally symbolizes your post’s focus–without resorting to stock images of the play itself)

Submit text of post to TURNITIN, using the prescribed template and acknowledging the specific nature of your Blogging Buddy’s feedback.

After publication and submission, sign up for one of these teams: Ariel, Prospero, Caliban, Miranda, Antonio, Gonzalo (limit 3 per team).  In your teams, start marking lines that show, or suggest, that your team’s character promotes or obstructs a repaired ship of state.  In this case, a “repaired ship of state” means one that has changed/transformed from one of strife and grief to one of forgiveness.  Notice that the physical ship in the play, which the Boatswain has announced as repaired, is a fine example of a symbol.