As you did last week, bring a complete draft of your next post to Monday’s class. In that class, you will use the “Request Feedback” feature of WordPress.  As you consider this week’s readings, reflect particularly on beliefs.  The word “belief” coincides with one of the play’s themes–worship.  Stephano’s repeated encouragement to “kiss the book,” by which he means put your lips to the wine bottle, is a strong example for me.  What do the play’s characters worship?  What beliefs does this worship suggest?  How do these beliefs contribute to strife, grief or forgiveness?  In some but not all block classes this week, I asked what similarities people see between the latter half of scene 1 (ll. 181-end) and the whole of scene two.  Thinking about some of the possible parallels may spark an idea for your post.  We’re far enough into the play that some of you are becoming more comfortable with the lines themselves, and not just with the main plot points or character attributes.  Where possible, use specific lines as inspiration for this weekend’s drafting.  Have fun.