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DRAFT a blog post (200-400 wds) that reflects on one or both of the Essential Questions through the lens of The Tempest parts we have read this week (1.1.1-1.2.321). Given the fire drill, you will need to read through 1.2.321, since we did not have the time to perform them.  You are not analyzing the play so much as using lines, ideas, symbols or characters as starting points for reflecting on one or both of the essential questions.  Analysis or interpretation of the play is not inappropriate, but neither is it required.

For example, what thoughts occur to you as you review the very first scene that we enacted during the block class.  What do each of these characters believe, or how do they behave?  What impact do their words or actions have on the group’s welfare?

As you compose this writing, use the “Save Draft” button, which means do not publish the reflection.

If you are interested, I have posted a sample reflection on my personal blog, using the same essential questions but Shakespeare’s Hamlet, instead of The Tempest.

In Monday’s class, you will use the “Request Feedback” feature with blogging buddies. Ask your buddy for feedback on how clear, specific and developed the writing is.  Given this feedback,  revise and publish your post.  Include a title and symbolic image for your published post. During the draft stage, you can experiment with titles and images.