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regular weekend homework explained (bring up new post; placeholder title, “tempestuous post #1”

What is line 13 (Act 1 Scene 2)–all of it?  How about line 15?  (How do you know?)

synopses vs. meter: scan these lines from start of scene 2: “If by your art . . . ,” “Have sunk the sea . . . ,” “I should inform thee further . . . ”

broken meter in lines 2, 3, 5 (to what effect?)  Prospero’s two-word reassurances–can you find them?  Where in the line do they occur?  To what effect?

Scene Readings–with props supplied–this time–by Mr. Brown

Miranda’s reaction and Prospero’s story (1.2.1-186)

Ariel’s reports and demands; Prospero responds (1.2.187-321)