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brief whole-group discussion of reading through 100

more feedback (30 minutes)

make sure legend (of persistent Quickmarks) appears at top of Borges Essay (BE) draft

seek feedback from new reader–specifically on Quickmarks named in legend

revise for Quickmark feedback and any other suggestions from reviewers

be sure to name reviewers in default acknowledgment/footer

submit this revision to TURNITIN, for Mr. Brown’s feedback on legend and organizational matters (Borges Essay draft.new reader.block class)


more maps 

on world map supplied in class, draw one circle encompassing Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan

on back of this world map, make an enlarged map of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, locating and labeling any place names you have encountered in your reading so far

make your map clear, specific and developed; feel free to use classroom or personal sets of colored pens and pencils

when done, submit your map and continue reading towards this week’s goal (213)