basic principles: The exam is a chance to develop an original response to questions about the readings, and to demonstrate your writing skills.  The strongest responses use details to organize, develop and illustrate their ideas with compelling clarity.

The exam will use the course essential questions*, as well as this general topic: the intersection of self-perception and wisdom.  *Who am I?  What are my primary responsibilities to myself and to the communities in which I live?  What does wisdom look like?

format: one paragraph and one essay, submitted to TURNITIN

content: Oedipus Rex, Macbeth, A Doll’s House

special instructions: bring Quickmark tally sheet to exam, to be submitted with exam sheet; while writing exam, use only supplied quotations

review exercises: KEEP a filed called “EXAM NOTES,” to be submitted to TURNITIN Friday, Dec 13; in teams, locate and submit pertinent passages from each of three plays; individually prepare for team work; during class Friday, Dec. 13, write and submit practice paragraph, in order to receive feedback; create four-square table of exam topic’s two elements

Monday: shocking ending to A Doll’s House? earlier lines prepare us–in teams, submit hard copy of at least 6 brief passages (2 from each Act) that support this claim; put these lines in your “exam notes.”

HW: find at least one brief passage (5 ll. or less) from each Act of Macbeth that illustrates one of your ideas about the exam’s general topic.  In other words, where do you find indications of Macbeth’s or Lady Macbeth’s self-perception?  How much or how little wisdom does this passage reveal?

Tues: share passages you marked for homework; watch more of Macbeth film

HW: find pertinent passages in Oedipus Rex; bring to block class

Wed/Thurs: more Macbeth film, and submission of teams’ Oedipus passages

Fri: write practice paragraph, topic TBA


FYI, here’s the link to part one of Youtube video version of A Doll’s House