Some of you will notice a change in the grade book.

After consulting with the other sophomore English teachers, I have revised the label and weight of weekly vocabulary learning sessions.

These sessions now carry the label, “Class Preparation,” and the overall weight of exercises so categorized is 10%.  Other assignments will continue to appear as “Minor Grade,” with the weight labeled by “factor of 1” or “factor of 2.”  In some cases, which have not yet occurred, an assignment may be assigned a “factor of 3.”

I apologize for the mid-stream adjustment, but the frequency of weekly membean learning sessions is a new experience for me, and I had not set up the grade book appropriately.  In other words, those membean scores had a disproportionate impact, thus blurring distinctions among performances in other areas of the course.

We still have half of the semester left, which gives us all time to adjust to this revised labeling.

If you need clarification or have concerns, please leave a comment on this post.  Thank you.