greek_chorustogether, review notes from previous film viewing (5′)

view more Oedipus Rex  film (25′)

time to revise and rehearse poems for Friday’s competition

***By end of this class, hand to the judge a new printed copy of each poem from your team.***

As you prepare for Friday’s performance, keep in mind the original instructions and this reminder of the judges’ criteria:

performance: audible (volume), intelligible (synchronization), interpretation (meaning)

In other words, from the back row of the amphitheater, can the judges physically hear your words, can they distinguish one word form another enough to make sense of the poem’s lines and has the group given meaning to the lines through intonation, emphasis and pacing?

poem: balance, unity (central metaphor), movement (rhythm)

In other words, is the poem strong and clear throughout, does it read as one unified piece of art rather than as three separate poems, and does the whole poem develop an identifiable rhythm?


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