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Does Oedipus become more or less wise over the course of the play?

Graph the rise and/or fall in his wisdom, by creating a data point every 400 lines (the graph’s X-axis).  Each data point represents Oedipus’s wisdom, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being perfectly wise (the Y-axis).

For each data point, mark a passage in your book that shows this level of wisdom.  Copy this  passage in your notes, along with a brief explanation of what it shows about Oedipus’s level of wisdom at that spot in the story.

Use your “Oedipus and Wisdom” chart to guide your thinking.

During the first part of the block class, you will have time to compare thoughts with a partner.  After that, you will start independent work by writing a paragraph that responds to the question underlined above.