warm-ups: drawing the outline; reflection question–You see yourself best, when you notice how others respond to you.  Agree or disagree.

start reading Caesar (1.1.1-1.2.186):

Beat 1:  cobbler joke / get off the street  (why?)

Hinge: we make holiday

You ungrateful stones  (opinion of selves and others)

Beat 2: guilty stones all

Disrobe the images  (why?)

Beat 3:  beware, Caesar, the Ides of March

Beat 4:  what’s wrong, Brutus?  (at war with himself)

I’ll be your glass

What do you want?

Who is this Caesar?

I will listen further


HW: start chart for Brutus and Cassius—Who am I?  What are my primary responsibilities to myself and community?  (watch Cassius’s use of pathos and logos)