reading period (in library, unless otherwise announced)

BEFORE reading, start a two-part email, entitled “ITB progress Mar 27/8.”  In the BODY of this email, where (on what page) you are starting today’s reading. Also, briefly explain which character interests you the most, offering one detail that represents your interest.

AFTER reading–with ten minutes left in class–complete the two-part email by (a) identifying the last page of your reading and (b) briefly reflecting on the developments in these pages you have read today.

SEND this email by the end of class

Incidentally, besides giving time needed to advance with the story, this session is based on the idea that novels, partly by virtue of their length, can show a characters’ growth over time.  In this novel, for example, we watch the four sisters grow up; we see their different paths to their becoming activists opposing the Trujillo dictatorship.  Keep this idea of character development in mind, as you move through today’s reading and beyond.