12th annual Steve Marine Poetry Contest!  Fame, cash prizes, and immortality await.  3rd place: $50.  2nd place: $75.  1st place: $100.  Entry rules and regulations can be viewed at http://hiespoetrycontest.wikispaces.com/.  Please contact Dr. Swann if you have any questions.  Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, April 10.


today: exercises with pages 40-65 (as a group, pick and pursue one)

humanizing and dehumanizing people–What does it mean to dehumanize someone?  Find at least two examples from these pages.  What does it mean to humanize someone?  Find at least two examples of this process.

prayer poem–Some people say that prayers from the western religious traditions fall into one of four categories (help, sorry, wow, thank you).  As a group, compose a poem in the voice of E. Wiesel, using one of these four types.  Use at least two concrete images from the memoir.

challenge to find the right words–Reach consensus on two words or brief phrases that most succeed at finding the right words?  What about these words or brief phrases makes them successful? Do the same for two sentences.  Based on these examples, can you generalize about how best to express “unimaginable” experiences?