convert your outline to a complete paragraph–i.e., without the template

review a partner’s KR paragraph and revise your own, using the content writing rubric for guidance; be sure to add an acknowledgment of your partner’s help

proofread your complete paragraph, then submit to the new TURNITIN box

As you revise, keep in mind this advice:

1. Use your topic sentence to make a general statement about the lessons that have made Amir wiser.  What do the three lessons have in common?  Into what general category do they all three fit?  Use this general category as a way to describe how Amir has grown wiser.

2. Build the three parts of your paragraph on each other, rather than simply listing them separately.  Think strategically about the order in which you present them.  For example, how does the first lead to or explain the second?  Or, which is least and which is most important?

3. Watch the transitions between parts of the paragraph.  Transitions are the threads that sew the whole paragraph together; they are the seams.  Tie the fabric pieces of your paragraph together tightly enough that they not rip apart, when someone tugs at them lightly.