1. At the start of today’s class, please complete this course survey–thoughtfully and respectfully.

While answering the questions, remember that these results are Valuable, Individual and Anonymous.  In all courses I have taught over the years, student surveys have in some way changed the class, but your answers are valuable ONLY insofar as they are yours and not someone else’s.  No one can link your answers to your name, which I hope helps make you a careful truth-teller.  Thank you. 

2. Continue reading in The Kite Runner–towards Friday’s goal of page 213.  With ten minutes left in the period, email me (bill.brown@hies.org), so that I know how far you have read and what interests you the most up to this point.  For a clear and specific response, use three to five complete sentences and “KR Jan 28” in the subject line.  Thank you.