(10′) In “Poetry Notebook” (pn): What have you learned about poetry in the last several years–in or out of school? To answer this question, make at least five clear statements. To write the statements, think to yourself “I have learned that . . . .”

(5′)To TURNITIN, submit either

a) step one of the parent-poem–i.e, the prose description of the scene or object, without using any comparisons


b) today’s “what have you learned about poetry” writing

This submission allows us to test a new rubric, the “short writing rubric.”  Although a score will appear for this writing, since we are testing the rubric and since you did not know about the test, I will not record the score.  If the test goes well, we will use this rubric for future short writings like this one.

(5′) NEXT, submit the draft of your parent-poem to TURNITIN.  Feel free, at this time, to share your poem with a neighbor.

(15′) When you have finished submitting these two writings, look at poems in the website called “Poetry 180.”  Read a few; find one that appeals to you.

With time left, we will look together at Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays.”  The parent-poem introduced us to metaphor, and Hayden’s poem shows the value of another basic poetic tool, imagery, which is language that appeals to any of our five physical senses.