Start a new document called “poetry notebook;” we will use this document for analyzing and creating poems.  It will also include notes related to these two processes.  In the case of this notebook, MORE IS BETTER.  The exercises for this notebook are meant to generate ideas for your own poems; the more you write, the richer the available material.

First entry in new document: do either of yesterday’s poems (“I’m Nobody” and “We Real Cool”) appeal to or resonate with you?  How?  How might they appeal to or resonate with someone other than you?  In this and other responses, use complete sentences.

viewing of “Favorite Poem Project” videos for these two poems, and perhaps one other (“Little Feet”)

preview of next exercise, than a 5′ BREAK


In Notebook (pn), next exercise (step one of several-step process to produce an original poem)

“Describe an object or scene that particularly interests you without making any comparisons of one thing to another.  Rewrite, if necessary, until it is as free of comparisons as possible” (The Practice of Poetry 46).  The goal of this writing is to bring the object or scene (a particular physical place) alive.  Using complete sentences, describe the object or scene in as much detail as possible, so that readers have a throughly specific picture of it.  In other words, if they come across this object or scene, they will instantly recognize it because of your detailed description.

(pn) step two (TBA in class)