I wrote this paragraph, in order to practice using ten words form the list of ninety I am studying for the exam.  You can do the same with ten different words, either on your own or with a study-buddy.  Half the fun is starting with the first word, the seeing where the next one takes your paragraph.  I think this surprise process works better than trying to make words fit a pre-determined topic. After you have composed your ten sentences, invent a title that captures the main thread of the writing. Have fun; good luck.

Discovering New Words, New Worlds

If an anthropologist were to discover a copy of our vocabulary workbook, no doubt she would imagine an amicable relationship with the people who use it to expand their ability to communicate with each other.  Seeing the possibility of such amity would make her less likely to become autocratic in her own dealings with people.  Learning some of these words herself would help her retain a degree of autonomy.  The wider vocabulary would help her respond to others with greater flexibility and humanity, rather than settle for the existence of an automaton with limited options.  Egoism, also, would take a back seat because the richer understanding of words helps her empathize with others.  Rather than treat people as distant entities, she can see their essence by comprehending their expressions of grief and joy.