individual writing conferences

After meeting with me, conferees email a “conference summary” that uses complete sentences to explain the three talking points on the colored note sheet.

Everyone, this week and last, keeps the colored note sheet–to submit during the exam on Wednesday, December 19. By this Friday, everyone will have attached his/her colored note sheet to the Oedipus text, to insure its presence at the exam.

When not in conference, submit this completed exercise to TURNITIN–in the box marked “wise and unwise”:

Review the “How do you know” portion of the list of wise-person qualities–a list based on wise people you and your classmates know.  Sort these qualities into categories, using four to six total categories.  Give clear headings for each category.  Below this organized list, write a paragraph that explains how a character from the short stories shows strength in one of these categories, and how another character, from a different story, shows weakness in a different category.  Conclude the paragraph by identifying a category in which you yourself show a particular strength or weakness.  Given the official review week, this is an ungraded assignment.  In the cases of distinguished results, however, I reserve the right to this score as an extra grade in the grade book.  Remember to keep the writing clear, specific and developed; these same criteria apply to the exam essay you will write next week.