Using the information in yesterday’s email, along with the 11-sentence paragraph models (available on the “Raw Materials” page of this blog), compose a paragraph that answers the question below; the central question appears in the bold-font sentence.  After completing the paragraph, submit it to TURNITIN, under the title, “Reaction to Oedipus.”  Include the full pledge on your document.

QUESTION: (What was your initial opinion of Oedipus’s personality?  What did you think of him, as the play began?)  By the end, how much has the play confirmed or changed your first impressions of the man?  Use quotations from the beginning, middle and end of the play to explain your answer.

n.b. When quoting lines from the play, use forward slashes (/) to indicate line endings and parentheses to contain line numbers.  For example, Oedipus shows a degree of anger when he wishfully remarks, “May he die, the man / who found me in the pasture” (1533-4).  For another example, Tiresias stands up for himself, when he declares this: “You may be king, but my right / to answer makes me your equal” (490-1).

Also note that I will use the content rubric to evaluate your paragraph.